Like a Local presents: Dessert Club


My most recent trip home was something of a food-filled affair and what better way to catch up with the girls than at Northern Ireland’s one and only, (for now), licensed Patisserie?  Can there be a better combination than cocktails and dessert?

We headed to the Lisburn Road’s newly opened Miel et Moi on Friday night and it was bustling.  You can’t book – for dessert, at least- but we didn’t have to wait long before a table came free.  We had a lovely evening catching up on what everyone’s been up to from wedding planning to job changes while deliberating over which patisserie to pair with our cocktails.

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Something (sweet) for the weekend

Last week I took a race back home to see loved ones, soak up some culture and eat some good food. The Northern Irish excel at good food and eating is a national past time. I’m pretty certain we invented the term ‘traybake’ though in crossing the Irish Sea these goodies appear to have shrunk and assume a rather paltry portion size that would almost certainly be sent back should one dare present its puny self in a coffee shop back home.

The dark horse leading the charge of the (possibly-not-so-) light brigade towards food nirvana is none other than Belfast-based chocolatier Co Couture. Discreetly tucked away down the steps of a basement on Chichester Street Co Couture has quietly been gathering an army of followers over the past few months and I for one am a devoted disciple to the church of chocolate.

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Welcome Autumn

Hurrah – Autumn is finally here! Bracing winds on sunny days and a rainbow of colours on leaves that dance with the wind signals my favourite time of year. Autumn is definitely the season in which to get things done. As the leaves fall from the trees, it’s time for us to shake off our old selves and prioritise ahead of Winter. We often assume that Spring is the time for new beginnings but I’m pretty sure Autumn is the catalyst – well, it is for me anyway!

It helps that my favourite season got off to a good start with the return of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks – (I know, I really shouldn’t support them but the lure of that sickly sweet cinnamon spice is just too hard to resist. I’ve had one a week since I discovered they were back on the menu and it’s a trend that’s likely to continue right through until Winter.)

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