Sweet Cheat: DIY Bounty Bars


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as Willy Wonka’s protégé now’s your chance to dabble in the delectable  dark (chocolate) arts by making treats that will rival the most popular shop bought chocolate bars.

I used to love Bounty bars when I was wee but the truth is they are so easy – and cheap – to recreate at home there’s really no need to buy them in the shops.

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Sweet Treat: Fifteens


Fifteens were probably one of the first things I ever made with my mum in our kitchen.  Just the ticket with a hot cup of milky tea, they are really easy to make and a staple at every coffee morning I’ve ever been to back home.

As the name suggests, all you need are 15 of each ingredient bound together with glorious, gloopy condensed milk and garnished with a generous sprinkle of coconut.  You can double up your ingredients and make a bigger batch – they freeze well and defrost quickly so they’re great for when people drop in.

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