Sweet Bake: Cranberry Brioche Pudding



Received a last minute dinner invite and need something sweet to bring the host? I’ve got you covered faster than you can slick on a second coat of mascara.

I’ve adapted this recipe from the domestic goddess herself but unlike Nigella, I didn’t have any double cream to hand so I substituted some nut milk instead. I can confirm it still tastes delicious. I also picked up a chocolate chip brioche loaf from Aldi which made the task much faster too but you can use whatever brioche you can lay your hands on.

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Sweet Bake: Gooey Chocolate Orange Cake


When I think back to my childhood Christmases I remember the knitted stocking that would hang empty on the end of my bed on Christmas Eve and come morning would be filled with satsumas, gold chocolate coins, little trinkets and, if there was space, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The days of stockings on the end of the bed are long since gone but there’s still something undeniably festive about the marriage of chocolate and orange – especially if it’s encased in crumb!  If you’ve a fondness for a Terry’s at this time of year you will love this cake.

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