Comfort Food


I’ll never forget my mum telling me about the first time she was invited for tea with an English friend.  She had just started University and like all freshers she wanted to get to know the other students.  So, when she was invited in for a cuppa and was presented with that- and only that- she was somewhat taken aback.  How we laughed when she recounted the scene to me.

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Like a Local presents: Dessert Club


My most recent trip home was something of a food-filled affair and what better way to catch up with the girls than at Northern Ireland’s one and only, (for now), licensed Patisserie?  Can there be a better combination than cocktails and dessert?

We headed to the Lisburn Road’s newly opened Miel et Moi on Friday night and it was bustling.  You can’t book – for dessert, at least- but we didn’t have to wait long before a table came free.  We had a lovely evening catching up on what everyone’s been up to from wedding planning to job changes while deliberating over which patisserie to pair with our cocktails.

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Two Minute Tricks: Super Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

PicMonkey Collage
I know; I know: it sounds gross but just trust me on this one! This is a delicious breakfast that will kickstart your day and, even better, it takes next to no time to prepare. Maximising my sleeping time is a top priority for me so anything that allows me a few more minutes in the land of nod is a winner in my books.

I’ve been having this for breakfast everyday for a couple of weeks now and I do feel more alert in the morning as I head to work. If I feel I need something extra I toast a couple of slices of rye bread and add a touch of butter and honey but I find I don’t need it so often.

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