My Day in Pictures: Market Sunday

Maltby St

In my week in pictures post I mentioned a visit to Maltby Street Market and this past Sunday I headed there again for brunch with my gal pals.

I know I said previously I wanted to keep this market under wraps because it’s nice and chilled out but it’s just so lovely I had to share it with you.  You won’t tell anyone, right? 😉  It’s the ideal spot to sample foods from around the world and a great people-pleaser allowing friends to dine together on whatever cuisine they fancy.

There are a few places to sit within the market but it was such a sunny day we perched on a wall at the market’s edge and used the opportunity to soak up a few rays before they give way to higher winds and autumnal rainclouds.  Price-wise, some stalls are more reasonable than others.  I went for a falafel and salad box which came in at £4 and was delicious though I did see an overpriced wrap going for around £8 which I think is just too much.  Maybe it’s the best wrap in the world but the price put me off wanting to find out.

If you’re as keen on coffee as I am, the stand closest to the entrance does the best lattes, mochas, piccolos and, I’m told, cold brew that you will find at the market.  If your tastebuds crave something a little more indulgent their hot chocolates, made from melted chocolate drops, are rumoured to be the best in town.

Malty Street is a stone’s throw away from über hip Bermondsey Street where you’ll find pricey coffee shops and restaurants, boutiques, galleries and apartments to lust after.  It’s also handy to the Shortwave Cinema if you fancy catching a film in the afternoon.  This cinema only has a small selection of films and prices vary; depending on which day you go you can expect to pay between £6 and £10 to see the film of your choice.  Weekend matinees at 2pm appear to be £1 cheaper than at 5pm or 9pm so take advantage of the post-brunch bloat and snuggle down in a soft seat with a good film.  (I should say, I haven’t been to Shortwave Cinema yet but am itching to see Everest.  I’ll let you know what I think.  If you’ve been you can let me know what to expect!)

That’s all for the moment.  I’ve a vlog on its way this weekend for anyone who fancies an escape to the country.

See you then, L x

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