Escape to the Country: A Day Out at RSPB’s The Lodge


I swear to God I don’t know how vloggers manage to film and edit their videos on time.  It takes me forever!  Anyway, as promised a little vlog from my recent trip to Sandy. I brought my Canon EOS M and 650D with me to do a bit of vlogging and picture taking and thought I’d bring you with me!





If you’ve not been before, RSPB’s The Lodge is the charity’s headquarters and is located around 45 minutes outside of London in rural Bedfordshire.  Surrounded by the kind of cottages you’d see on ‘Escape to the Country’ the TV show- (think Kate Winslet’s idyllic Rose cottage in ‘The Holiday’) – and sprawling hills as far as the eye can see it’s the ideal spot to have a picnic and a stroll with nothing but birdsong and breeze in your ears.

We made the most of the Super Off-Peak Day Return ticket which was £13.50 all in.  Take care when buying your ticket from the machine at the station though – there’s a ticket called the Super Off-Peak Single which is right beside the Day Return ticket.  Don’t buy this one – it’s £13.40 one way!

There is a shop that sells ice-cream at the Reserve, as well as anything you might want to buy to encourage birds and other wildlife to your garden though this can be quite pricey.  If you want to make an investment I’d recommend a bird ID book to help you spot which birds flock to your garden or local park.  Once you know what’s visiting you can look at the RSPB website to find out more about how to look after it in the colder Winter months.

If you want hot drinks and lunch you’re best bringing those with you.  There’s an M&S and a Waitrose at Kings Cross station along with coffee shops, sushi and salad bars so you’re bound to find something tasty in one of the outlets or, if you’re very organised, (unlike me), you can make your own picnic ahead of time.

I hope you enjoy this little vlog.  If you enjoy video content on the blog head on over and subscribe to my YouTube channel where you’ll find lots of videos there.

Thanks for watching and see you next time! L x

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