My Week in Pictures

I must admit, I’ve definitely had better weeks.  When I started this project seven days ago I was full of optimism about the pretty pictures I would post.

On my Instagram I’ve been posting updates about the last remaining sunflower, (our first succumbed to death by hula hoop,) as it prepared to unfurl its petals towards the sky and on Monday morning it finally revealed itself in all its glory:


But I’m jumping ahead.

On Sunday I had my first visit to a Maltby Street market which I didn’t photograph lest I encourage anyone to go and visit.  It’s a far smaller and more relaxed version of its famous neighbour, Borough Market and, if it’s all right by you, I’d really like to keep it under wraps so I can sample the lovely food and fayre with my elbows in.  (But if you must go ahead you can find a list of traders here.)

On the way home I happened upon a pop-up art exhibition.




After, I ventured off track to check out a few wee parks and came across a gorgeous rose garden.  Behold, nature:



On Monday morning everything changed when I got word that my darling Nanny had been taken into hospital and the doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to come home right away.


So I did an about turn from work, threw my laptop, whatever clothes came to hand, a black dress – grim, I know – and make-up into a case and hotfooted it to the airport for the first flight I could get home.

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur with this omelette the sum of my achievements:


The days and nights meshed into one and we motored on with coffee…


…lots of coffee.


As Nanny declined then stabilised, then declined a little more, there was time for reflection.  I howled a little to the moon, as the saying goes and when the sun retired for the evening I talked at the trees and the stars.


Visiting hospital at night was daunting.  The slightest sound made my heart tighten in my chest and the dull whir of machines I didn’t understand kept me on edge.  But it was a peaceful place and the staff were kind.

Occasionally I made it outside for air.


And I got to see this wee man whenever I called home:


He cheered me up by bringing me his toys.


But sadly Bob the dog had quite a task come Friday afternoon when we had to leave the hospital for the last time and we couldn’t bring Nanny home with us.  She was, in her own words, “very old” at 93 years of age and had lived a good life, which she dedicated to her family.  My heart hurt deeply.  It hurt for the loss of the best woman I knew and it hurt for those who were left to grieve as she went ahead.

I didn’t really feel like taking any pictures after that.

But today I spied some little geranium buds about to bloom and I took out my camera again.


And so ends my week in pictures.  Not the post I had planned or expected to write but a look through the lens at my life nonetheless.  I’ve scheduled a favourites post for Tuesday. I wrote it before this week had happened and I’d still like to post it though I’ll probably not post anything else until next weekend.

Until then, L x

5 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Joanne S says:

    Grandparents are the buffers between parents and children. Our confidants when things go awry. Many years have passed, but I still miss my fantastic Grandmama. I’m very sorry for your sadness. Keep the memories warm. – Joanne


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