#DearMe: A letter to my future self

IMG_5814In the run up to and in the wake of International Women’s Day – 8th March – various social media outlets encouraged their users to create videos or write letters containing pearls of wisdom they would share with their younger selves.  Alas, I missed the boat to get involved with that but it got me thinking. I don’t much see the point in writing to a me who no longer exists and everyone knows that when an older person tries to impart wisdom on the yoof of today their words will be met with an earnest nod and a large pinch of salt.  Youth is the time for making mistakes and learning lessons; for seeing the good in everything and for muddling through the trials and tribulations that bring us crashing into adulthood.

Before my cup half full of innocence sours from experience – so dramatic! – I thought I might harness what youthful exuberance I’ve clung onto and write a note to the future me.  It’s a bit personal, I hope that’s ok.  Fingers crossed it won’t make you as red-faced reading it as I felt writing it.  Here goes…

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