Things I have learned about myself whilst packing

In the wee small hours of Tuesday morning I’ll be making my merry way back to the metropolis after over two blissful weeks back home.  As I come to the end of my first year in London I’ve decided now’s the time to bring my beloved hot wheels, Bette, with me for the ride.  For those who haven’t had the pleasure, Bette is my car and she is presently weighed down with rather a lot of my belongings in anticipation of the journey.

I used to think of myself as a brilliant packer.  However, as I have aged it’s something that has begun to bring out a bit of a beast in me when it comes to organising my life and putting things neatly into boxes.  Gone are the days of flying by the seat of my pants and packing an hour and a bit before the ferry or plane is about to depart.

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