Home is where the heart is

beforeAfternoon!  The sun is blazing high here in my little part of the world and everyone is definitely making the most of the great weather.  It’s days like this that I realise how fortunate I am to live in such a green and beautiful place and makes me question why I am preparing to leave the wide open spaces for the smog and bustle of cramped city living.  

Home to me is more about the memories I make with my loved ones and friends and I can take them with me, wherever I go in the world.  I’m lucky to know I’ll always be welcomed back and it’s a comforting thought that I am sure I’ll draw some strength from during testing times.

But I’m not away yet.  I just finished up working for a conservation charity and during my time there I got a real sense of how important it is for everyone to play their small part in protecting the planet.  Even the weakest mathematician knows that reduction in resources doesn’t equate to a positive result.

They’ve just launched a campaign called Giving Nature a Home with loads of ideas on how to easily create wildlife friendly habitats.  My mum recently celebrated her birthday and seeing as I’m now living on a shoestring I decided to take part in the campaign and give her a present I know will bring her a lot of joy far beyond her birthday.

I had my eyes opened when it comes to weeding!  Having asked me to weed the garden for the past two decades I finally relented and made a bit of use of my limbs and got cracking – just shows how a mother’s persistence will eventually pay off!   I could not believe that such a small area could take so long to clear – or have such a knackering effect on my entire body! – but I have to admit I felt a real sense of pride once I had completed it.

Then the exciting part: the planting!  Now I’m not much of a gardener but by the time I was finished I felt I could pose a legitimate threat to Alan Titchmarsh.  I sought advice from local garden centres and green-fingered gurus and picked up some terrific plants guaranteed to attract bees, ladybirds and butterflies to our garden.  I didn’t have to wait very long for them to appear – before I reached the far end of the rockery before bees were congregating around the primulas for a feed.

I’m really excited to see the garden flourish and become a hub for wildlife but beyond that I know that the garden will bring so much joy to my family in years to come allowing them a front row seat to a daily nature show.

Mum was delighted with her present so now it’s a case of fingers crossed the plants thrive!  Must dig out that watering can just to be on the safe side…


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