The best things in life are free(…

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The best things in life are free…

…and they really are!  I properly discovered the joys of freecycle today when I registered and listed my first item for offer.  Moving to London I’m clearing out a lot of stuff, selling some stuff on Ebay and giving some things to friends.  But there are a few things that could go to a good home of somebody I just haven’t met yet so I headed to freecycle this morning and signed up.  Just a few minutes after listing my first item I got an email from someone interested in it and by dinner time an ill-purchased chin-up bar was on its way to a new home with a man called Stephen.  It felt pretty good to know that someone else would be getting use out of it and that it wouldn’t be adding to an already massive pile of equally useable stuff on a landfill.

Freecycle seems to be a pretty cool community of laid back folk wanting to help each other out and there are some pretty interesting things listed on there.  For example, in the Belfast group there is everything from camcorders to dining tables and chairs to baby baskets and bubble wrap, (not to mention a lovely retro blue kitchen clock from yours truly!)  If you fancy de-cluttering and are pressed for time I’d recommend it.  You can also post if you are looking for a particular item and if someone has it they will get in touch.  Why not give it a go?  You literally have nothing to lose but you might just gain something!

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