Happy New Year: A toast to new beginnings

Whoo hoo! 2014 is finally here! I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic Christmas filled with love, food and much merriment along the way!

New Year’s Eve was a pretty chilled out affair in our house but was no less fun to celebrate. After all the running about leading up to Christmas, (as well as standing about like sardines in the city’s bars during party season,) I was looking forward to celebrating the arrival of 2014 curled up on the sofa with my mum and dog, enormous glass of wine in hand and Jools Holland on the TV!

In less than a week I’m making the big move to London so the aftermath of New Year has seen a lot of running back and forth, possibly futile list making and generally haemorrhaging money buying last minute necessities. Taking a break from planning I logged onto Facebook and spied an interesting take on a weekly savings scheme which appeared on a blog called House Made Home. This is a lovely blog for anyone looking for some DIY inspiration from a family who have given it a go themselves so be sure to stop by and take a look!

Great savings in any currency

Great savings in any currency

Now more than ever, every penny counts and you never know when you’ll need to break into your piggy bank on a rainy day. I’ve resolved to budget better and save more and I think this scheme is a realistic and achievable way to put a little away every week. I might not be in the position to follow the 52 week plan right to the end as, come December time, £48 – 52 will be a big chunk to put away in the final weeks of the year. However, I think I could save for two lots of 6 months which would accumulate £702 over the course of the year. Better than a kick in the teeth!

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions you’d like to share? Perhaps we can motivate each other to keep our pledges as the months go by. Thanks to everyone who followed my wee blog in 2013 and here’s to another year of blogging and sharing! I’m going to try and write more regularly – another resolution!

Happy New Year!xx

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