The Best Recipes for Leftover Turkey

So Christmas has now been and gone and with a bit of luck you’ll have been blessed with some great memories made with family and, if our house is anything to go by, a good feed.  If you’re only just coming to from your food coma with rather a lot of leftover turkey still to eat you fear not!  I’ve had a wee look online for the best recipes to ensure all that glorious grub doesn’t go to waste.

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Up first is the humble turkey sandwich.  If, like me, you’re lacking in inspiration come tea time the easiest thing to whip together as a snack is throwing whatever’s leftover between two bits of bread et voilà: dinner is served.  If, however, you fancy upgrading your sandwich to something a little swankier check out TV chef Phil Vickery’s take on the turkey club where you can learn to make your own accompanying garlic mayo in next to no time.


Photo credit: Good To Know Recipes

If you fancy something more along the lines of a hot meal a risotto always lends itself well to leftovers.  This recipe from Good To Know Recipes is easy, tasty and can be adapted to suit whatever ingredients you have to hand.  I would tend to use arborio rice over paella but it’s up to your personal preference!  I think we have a butternut squash kicking about in the larder – really great roasted first with a little olive oil and your herbs of choice, added in with the turkey at the last minute once the rice and onions have cooked.


Photo Credit: BBC Good Food

Another throw-it-all-in-the-pot recipe that’s a favourite in our house is turkey noodle soup.  It’s dead quick to make and doesn’t require a whole lot of ingredients.  The key to making your soup taste amazing lies squarely in two ingredients: onion and garlic.  Chop it up whatever way you like and fry it off in a little oil before adding a stock cube and about a jug and a half of boiling water.  Then add in whatever you fancy.  We use vermicelli noodles, turkey, peas and whatever else is to hand. BBC Good Food also has a great recipe you can find here.


Photo Credit: BBC Good Food

Another one pot wonder from BBC Good Food is this turkey casserole.  (Can you tell I’m a big fan of dishes you can put together by throwing everything into one pot and hoping for the best?  That and there are less dishes to have to clean after. No one wants to waste time doing dishes over Christmas when they could be eating selection boxes and snoozing in front of their favourite Christmas films, right?!)


Photo Credit: Food Network

Last but by no means least is an homage to Bridget Jones’s mother’s Annual Turkey Curry Buffet.  This recipe from Andy Bates promises to be super easy and quick to whip up though you might need to don some stretchy trousers and face the outside world to pick up any spices you may not have in the house.

Hopefully there’s something here you might enjoy or perhaps your more adventurous in the kitchen than I am.  If you have a good recipe that doesn’t require using every pot and pan in the house and / or a box full of spices then please do wing it my way!

In the meantime I’m away to waddle off some of the festive excesses, lest the button of my jeans flies off and takes someone’s eye out!xx

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