7 Travel Hacks for City Breaks


Trial, error, a parched throat and numerous blisters have led to the discovery of some of my best loved travel hacks.  I thought you might be in the market for some tips that are worth sharing so here are seven of the best ways I like to make the most of city breaks.





  1. Bring a supply of your favourite beverage.  

They say old habits die hard and every time I leave a hotel I can guarantee you I’m packing away the teas and coffees into my suitcase for the next time I’m staying away from home.  I always like to keep a small supply of tea or coffee handy in case I’m staying in an Air BnB and it’s not provided or there’s not a great selection and I’ve arrived late to my hotel.  That way at least I can always get a cuppa before bed or first thing in the morning wherever I am in the world.

2. Pack a cloth bag.

These are so handy whether you are heading to the supermarket or stocking up on souvenirs.  They take up negligible space in your suitcase, can double up as an extra handbag or you can store your dirty laundry in them as you wish.

3. Stock up on blister plasters and paracetamol.

There’s nothing worse than wanting to explore a new city on foot and come day two you’re hobbling about in agony thanks to an ill-timed blister or two.  Enter Compeed.  These plasters have saved my feet on multiple occasions and I can honestly say they are little sticky miracle workers.  Of course other brands are available though I always like to have a Compeed plaster handy as well.  The same goes for Paracetamol.  You don’t need to buy a branded packet – the ingredients are pretty much the same in all of them and you can pick them up for as little as 16p in some chemists.

4. Bring a book.

If you’re a regular traveller you’ll no doubt have been at the mercy of a delayed flight or cancelled train at some point and iPod batteries can’t always be relied upon to see you through.  A good book can be a life saver and as holidays are the perfect opportunity to switch off they will do your soul and your stress levels the world of good.

5. Pack a reusable cup.

I’ve recently been making efforts to live a life with less waste and one of my favourite reusable items is my Keep Cup.  It’s a barista-approved ‘to go’ cup that can be washed and reused as many times as you like helping reduce the amount of waste ending up in landfills thanks to your (and my) takeaway caffeine addiction.  These mugs won’t keep your coffee any warmer than a regular cup which also makes them perfect for transporting cold drinks as well.  Did someone say Pimms in the park?

6. Road test your shoes before you travel.

I can’t be the only person to buy shoes especially for my holidays only to realise that heat and walking for miles each day leads to cankles and agony, right?  If you’re planning on exploring your destination on foot go walking in the shoes you’re going to take with you and see if they’re up to the job.  Another good tip is bring a cloth bag with you to keep your shoes separate from your clothes in your case or bag so everything stays nice and clean.

7. Decant your toiletries.

Buying travel sized shampoos and conditioners at the airport can cost a small fortune and, unless you use the brands you purchase on a regular basis they can sometimes cause your hair and skin to misbehave.  If you have any empty containers decant your favourite toiletries into those to take with you.  You can also use shower gel to wash your clothes if you’re going to be away from home long enough to need to do a little laundry.

I hope you find these tips useful on your next trip!  What are your top travel hacks?  Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,




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