My Day In Pictures: Stunning Stormont


Stormont, or the ‘House on the Hill’ as it’s also known in Northern Ireland, is home to our sometimes turbulent NI Assembly – the closest equivalent is Parliament.  Situated on the outskirts of Belfast, in the grounds of Stormont Estate, its position at the top of the hill affords it some stunning views of the city.

The grounds of the Estate are free to visit and open all year round.  A popular spot with runners, walkers and wet noses, it’s a great place to practise some nature photography.

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A memory of Christmas past

Every year around this time I’m reminded of a little film I made before I moved to London about two families’ experiences of Christmas. From a technical point of view it’s pretty wick with one particular toe-curling scene shot entirely out of focus – the joys of filming and interviewing as a one woman band. Nonetheless the stories shone through and I felt quite privileged both families shared their stories with me.

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Comfort Food


I’ll never forget my mum telling me about the first time she was invited for tea with an English friend.  She had just started University and like all freshers she wanted to get to know the other students.  So, when she was invited in for a cuppa and was presented with that- and only that- she was somewhat taken aback.  How we laughed when she recounted the scene to me.

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My Week in Pictures

I must admit, I’ve definitely had better weeks.  When I started this project seven days ago I was full of optimism about the pretty pictures I would post.

On my Instagram I’ve been posting updates about the last remaining sunflower, (our first succumbed to death by hula hoop,) as it prepared to unfurl its petals towards the sky and on Monday morning it finally revealed itself in all its glory:


But I’m jumping ahead.

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