All Change…again

As I write this post my tip-tip-tapping is being accompanied by the panting and harrumphing of my new BFF.  New noises and a cooling breeze are floating in through my bedroom window and I couldn’t be happier about it.

The harrumph-er in question is a docile scamp named Allie whose hair rivals Cyndi Lauper’s punkiest styles.  She has been brightening my days for the past few weeks with her waggy tail and insatiable thirst for walks and playtime.  The noise through the window are further south than I’m used to but as the days roll on they seem a little more familiar.

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Festive hacks from fellow bloggers


I love to look to my fellow bloggers and vloggers for inspiration at this (and every other) time of year.  We’re a lovely community of ‘give-it-a-go-ers’ and the Christmas season is no exception.

Here, as a little bonus to today’s scheduled post, are some links I love:

From Food, Fellowship & Wine is a no-fuss, no-mess recipe for cinnamon crunch popcorn that takes next to no time to prepare but is the perfect accompaniment to every re-run of your favourite festive movie over the coming weeks.

These DIY no-sew coasters are perfect for anyone with a weary, mulled wine-laden hand.  A cute gift to give with some of your own homemade warm vanilla apple cider perhaps?

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Hello everybody!
Owing to a few technical hitches I haven’t been able to upload my scheduled Day 5 Blogmás post for you so you can look forward to not one but two posts tomorrow to make up for it.  Apologies for the delay for those of you who called by this morning at 11!

I’ll be starting the day off with a holiday gift guide all the way from Brighton – perfect for anyone looking to take a day trip to the coast and snap up a very special souvenir for themselves or a friend!

In the meantime I thought I’d collate all this week’s posts together in one place for you to peruse at your leisure over a cuppa.

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