Festive hacks from fellow bloggers


I love to look to my fellow bloggers and vloggers for inspiration at this (and every other) time of year.  We’re a lovely community of ‘give-it-a-go-ers’ and the Christmas season is no exception.

Here, as a little bonus to today’s scheduled post, are some links I love:

From Food, Fellowship & Wine is a no-fuss, no-mess recipe for cinnamon crunch popcorn that takes next to no time to prepare but is the perfect accompaniment to every re-run of your favourite festive movie over the coming weeks.

These DIY no-sew coasters are perfect for anyone with a weary, mulled wine-laden hand.  A cute gift to give with some of your own homemade warm vanilla apple cider perhaps?

If you’re feeling peckish or popping to a pal’s for a Christmas get together why not bring some of Tassy’s delectable gingerbread latte cupcakes? They are guaranteed to send you straight to the top of Santa’s ‘good’ list.  Well…good at baking at least!;)

This next one’s an oldie but a goodie from Charlie Marie TV and would be a lovely way to personalise a unique gift for a friend!

One of the great gifts Christmas gives us all is the ability to be more social even though we’ve been completely tuckered out by the stresses and strains of the previous 11.5 months.  So, naturally, there are better things to be doing than dishes.  Enter the edible plate – a gift; a snack; a work of art.

Last but not least, when you’ve eaten too much on Christmas Day and you’re sick of the sight of your nearest and dearest you’ll want something else to look at and what better to draw your eye than your very own, handcrafted tree baubles!  A great activity for a rainy day that you’ll be glad you spent time on come December 25th.

And that’s all for today folks.  Check back tomorrow for the next instalment of blogmás!

See you then,







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