Sweet Cheat: DIY Bounty Bars


If you’ve ever fancied yourself as Willy Wonka’s protégé now’s your chance to dabble in the delectable  dark (chocolate) arts by making treats that will rival the most popular shop bought chocolate bars.

I used to love Bounty bars when I was wee but the truth is they are so easy – and cheap – to recreate at home there’s really no need to buy them in the shops.

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Sweet Bake: Gooey Chocolate Orange Cake


When I think back to my childhood Christmases I remember the knitted stocking that would hang empty on the end of my bed on Christmas Eve and come morning would be filled with satsumas, gold chocolate coins, little trinkets and, if there was space, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

The days of stockings on the end of the bed are long since gone but there’s still something undeniably festive about the marriage of chocolate and orange – especially if it’s encased in crumb!  If you’ve a fondness for a Terry’s at this time of year you will love this cake.

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Celebrating Easter with Crème Egg Brownies


If you haven’t totally sickened yourself with copious amounts of chocolate already then these brownies may well be right up your street.  I made these last week and they went down a storm in the office and at home.  A word of warning to the wise: each brownie will have half a creme egg nestled in amongst the spongey goodness.  If that’s a touch too much then have a look for mini Crème Eggs to pop in instead.

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Something (sweet) for the weekend

Last week I took a race back home to see loved ones, soak up some culture and eat some good food. The Northern Irish excel at good food and eating is a national past time. I’m pretty certain we invented the term ‘traybake’ though in crossing the Irish Sea these goodies appear to have shrunk and assume a rather paltry portion size that would almost certainly be sent back should one dare present its puny self in a coffee shop back home.

The dark horse leading the charge of the (possibly-not-so-) light brigade towards food nirvana is none other than Belfast-based chocolatier Co Couture. Discreetly tucked away down the steps of a basement on Chichester Street Co Couture has quietly been gathering an army of followers over the past few months and I for one am a devoted disciple to the church of chocolate.

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