My Day In Pictures: A trip to the end of the line

I first met Sophie and Sophie when we were on our year abroad in Germany.  As language students we had elected to work as English Language Assistants in North Rhine Westphalia and found ourselves in the city of Bochum in September 2005.

The first time we all went out together we met in a Hawaiian-themed bar for cocktails.  The plan was to take advantage of the bar’s Happy Hour before heading on to a night club where Take That’s Howard Donald was doing a DJ set.  Except I never made it to the club.  One very strong mojito and an undercooked Döner kebab for tea – (classy, I know) – and I had to head home feeling very sorry for myself!  Thankfully the girls didn’t hold it against me and we went on to make some great memories over the course of the year.



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Happy days and adventure pending

Last weekend I was able to take a break from job hunting to join my friends Clare and Keith to celebrate their wedding day. The rain poured and the wind howled but nothing could dampen the happy couple’s joy as they exchanged their vows in City Hall and danced the night away in beautiful Belfast Castle. It was a special day and I felt very privileged to be able to share such an exciting moment with my friends.

autumn wedding

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