Happy days and adventure pending

Last weekend I was able to take a break from job hunting to join my friends Clare and Keith to celebrate their wedding day. The rain poured and the wind howled but nothing could dampen the happy couple’s joy as they exchanged their vows in City Hall and danced the night away in beautiful Belfast Castle. It was a special day and I felt very privileged to be able to share such an exciting moment with my friends.

autumn wedding

Weddings are always such a fun occasion. Sharing special moments with dear friends and being able to wish them well as they embark on the next great life adventure is pretty amazing. Another of my friends got married back in June and on Saturday the celebrations continued with her housewarming party. A second terrific party in as many days – needless to say Sunday was much less exciting! It really is the season for moving forward into the great unknown and lots of exciting things are happening. New couples, new homes, new adventures to be had. And with that I have a little adventure of my own coming up very soon.

My dear friend Jenny moved to Stockholm with work recently and I promised to come and visit. I also promised to visit when she moved to Cumbernauld…and Sheffield so I really needed to up my game and start keeping up my end of the bargain. So this weekend that’s where I will be, chasing Moose and ABBA and catching up with Jenny. Better still another of our friends is also coming to play. Jenny, Laura and I have been friends since we met back in 2003 at University and lucky for us our friendship has survived the test of time. This weekend will be fun! Have you ever been to Stockholm? Any recommendations of things to see and do are always welcome. I’ll be sure to report back when I get back next week!

Three amigos together again

Three amigos together again

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