Shoes: Pleasure & Pain at the V&A


I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes.  I had one thousand and sixty.

-Imelda Marcos

I have always been envious of my mother’s ability to walk into a shoe shop armed with the knowledge there would be a pair in the store that might very well be perfect for her.

Sadly, like Jack’s beanstalk, my feet grew and grew until I stopped being shown the cinderella section of the shop in favour for the clunky men’s designs.  That was until I discovered a few online stores that catered for my size 9s and as my credit card burned hot with overuse my love of shoes was reborn.

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My Day In Pictures: Lumiere London


The promise of dazzling illuminations and free art across London drew me out from under the warmth of my duvet and into the cold for some low light photography practice last weekend.

Lumiere London was organised by creative company Artichoke Trust whose modus operandi is to flood public spaces with art so it may be enjoyed by the widest audience possible and for no charge.  So far, so good.

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Lee Miller: A Woman’s War


I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Lee Miller before today.  I hadn’t heard of her until I saw a picture she had taken on the London Underground.  It was of a wartime pilot, looking out from the narrow cockpit of her plane.  The picture was an advert for an exhibition of Miller’s work at the Imperial War Museum.

I’d invested in an Artfund Pass last Summer and, for shame, have gotten little to no use from it thus far.  I want to see lots more exhibitions this year so on New Year’s Day I embraced this resolution with great gusto and began booking tickets at museums.  And a visit to see Miller’s work was one of them.

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Theatre Review: A Christmas Carol


Last night I had the opportunity to see one of my favourite on-screen father figures – the inimitable Jim Broadbent – on stage for the bargain price of £10 thanks to an exceptionally lucky friend ordering us tickets at just the right time.  Thank you Sophie!

In keeping with the season we went to see the man himself star in Dickens’ Christmas classic – A Christmas Carol.  The tale is retold annually on television where we are reminded that the true meaning of Christmas is to love and be loved and that material possessions mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.  (A little ironic then that top price tickets to learn this valuable lesson at the Noel Coward theatre won’t even give you enough change for a coffee from £100.  But I digress.)

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