London’s loveliest Christmas displays

If there’s one thing London excels at it’s blinging itself up come party season.  Of course, some areas of the city are better at it than others; the trees at Canary Wharf underground station, for example, look as though someone just threw lights at them from afar and turned their heel on their handiwork not long after.

Thankfully, for every shoddily decorated tree there is a magnificent window display telling a Winter fairytale at a glance.  My favourite area to visit on my Christmas tour of the city was Kensington.  The window displays of Harvey Nicols and Harrods blew Liberty’s well out of the water and were an absolute joy to behold.  I think they’ll be up right until New Year if you’d like to pop by and have a look.  I found the best time to really get a good look at them was late evening.  The perfect time for a post-pud stroll.

Merry Christmas one and all!

Until next time,


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