A Blogmás Confession and Giveaway Winner Revealed…

…ok, confession time:  you may have noticed everything go eerily quiet smack bang in the middle of Blogmás.  After a strong start things began to come apart with 2 posts 1 day, no posts for 2 days, a post here and there and then…silence.

The truth is I was exhausted.  After a day at work, creating and editing content into the wee hours of the morning to try and keep my daily deadlines was taking its toll and causing me quite a lot of stress.  It was neither enjoyable nor conducive to being creative:  I don’t want to create crappy content just to be able to publish something – anything – on a daily basis.  Life is busy enough and I hate wasting precious time reading rubbish on the internet so I will do my best not to subject you to the same.

This year has been something of a blogging learning curve.  I feel like I say that every year but it still holds true.  I often forget that many of the blogs I read and love are written by professional bloggers who have made the leap to work on their site full time.  And that’s no slight on them – one of my new favourites, The Prosecco Diaries, blogs about said leap here if you’re toying with the idea.  My point is, it’s easy to put pressure on myself to, not compete per sé, but be as consistent and slick as some of the blogs I enjoy reading.  Every one is different and I appreciate each one for different reasons – beautiful photography, honest reviews, quirky videos, how tos, clever writing; the list goes on.  I am slowly learning not to be so hard on myself.

I still plan to post as promised – I just can’t commit to every day.  I got to do some great things this year so the remainder of my 2015 posts will take a look back at some terrific memory making at home and further afield.  And seeing as it’s nearly Christmas the first of these will appear tomorrow – a look at some of the best Christmas displays London town offered up this December.

Thank you so much for you support this year.  It’s been lovely to watch our little community grow and I appreciate your comments – every one makes me smile.  And thank you to everyone who took the time to enter my Blogmás giveaway – Emily O’Mara was picked at random by the Rafflecopter winner generator and can expect a package in the post in the not too distant future!

Until next time,



5 thoughts on “A Blogmás Confession and Giveaway Winner Revealed…

  1. BerLinda says:

    Really nice post and very true. When you put pressure on yourself like that, it takes the fun out of it – which should be the whole point of doing it! I can tell a ‘post for the sake of a post’ a mile away.

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