A perfect Sunday

Today I did something I haven’t done in quite some time. Today I went to church. I can scarcely believe it myself but I made a deal with the big man upstairs that if he helped me to open a particularly stubborn jar of honey that I would go. He obliged so off I went.

St Pauls

I didn’t have to venture far before coming across a church and opted for St Paul’s. The service was quite different to what I’ve experienced at home but the congregation went out of their way to make me really welcome. After the service a lady from the choir came to say hello and was swiftly joined by a host of others welcoming me to their church. I don’t know if it’s somewhere I’ll go every week but I really appreciated the friendly faces that met me today. If this is what church is about it might well be something worth looking into.


Later on this afternoon I followed my flatmates’ recommendations and took a trip to Columbia Road Flower Market. What a treat! Now this is a market! The road was lined with flower sellers bantering back and forth and trying their hardest to make passers-by part with their cash. As I arrived just before closing time I was able to indulge in my favourite past time of haggling and with success! Here are some pics of my purchases in all the glory – made all the sweeter by the fact I got them that bit cheaper!

Image - Copy

My bargain of the day:  Reduced from £20 to £1!  Now proudly adorning my bedroom wall!

My bargain of the day: Reduced from £20 to £1! Now proudly adorning my bedroom wall!

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