Bye Bye Blue Monday

According to statisticians, today is the day we are most depressed of the year, or something along those lines. My day starting off amazingly with a trip to a massive Tesco store – I know, I’m really living on the edge, right? However, it swiftly went downhill when I got bogged down under a lot of terms I didn’t understand in the quest to obtain the right to play one of my favourite songs in the short film I made. (Yes, I am STILL trying to sort this out! Aargh!) The cherry on top was tonight’s episode of Coronation Street where – SPOILER ALERT – they killed off lovely Hayley. Oh great!

But there is still hope! Guess what? In just over 80 minutes it won’t be Blue Monday anymore – we’ll have made it to the other side! And if that’s not worth celebrating I don’t know what is. So I’ll leave you with a video that will make your heart soar. It’s guaranteed to wash your blues away and take you to the land of nod with a smile on your face.

Night night!xx

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