The most delicious breakfast you will ever eat in your life

coco quinoa

I’m not kidding. I found this little tastebud tickler over on A Beautiful Mess – a site that is fast becoming a firm favourite and a quick read of their posts a daily necessity.

The recipe itself is really simple and easy to follow and the end result is delicious. I made a few tweaks so instead of coconut milk I used skimmed milk and skipped the cream. I didn’t have walnuts to hand so swapped in pecans and my brown sugar is earmarked for other things so I used a spoonful of honey to sweeten. It’s yummy with blueberries and strawberries on top too!

I’d wage this is probably high in calories – even with the substitutes I made – so I made this as a brunch treat that will keep me going throughout the afternoon but it would make a great weekend breakfast treat. This weekend is RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Why not take the opportunity to stay in your jammies that little bit longer, enjoy a delicious breakfast and see who visits your garden over the course of an hour? Whatever you get up to I hope you have a great time and be sure to share if you get up to something fun!xx

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