Let’s do lunch

Boring lunches be gone! Image courtesy of The Guardian

When I began working in Soho my eyes were opened to the culinary delights of this bustling part of town as I dashed about the streets collecting lunch orders for clients. Here are some of the most popular places I’ve been to recently – worth a visit, especially if time isn’t on your side.

* In at number 5 is Wasabi. Super popular for sushi you can eat well pretty cheaply here. A word to the wise though: it’s more expensive to eat in. The Wasabi on Wardour Street isn’t very big and on a nice day there’s no point in spending more money for no reason. Why not take your lunch across to Soho Square, pitch yourself on the grass and catch some rays. If you’re feeling sporty you can play ping pong with a pal there, too.

* Next up it’s Itsu. Also specialising in sushi – in my humble opinion it’s a better option than Wasabi – better value, great for fans of simpler fayre, (you can get a sushi or sashimi box with just salmon or tuna if that’s your favourite). Half an hour before closing they also slash their prices by 50% – pop in and pick up a bargain. And it’s not just sushi – if you fancy something a bit heartier they do noodle and rice pots guaranteed to hit the spot.

* Not a day goes by without lunch giant Pret‘s profits swelling. Known for being able to make the fastest skinny latte in town you can pick up delicious salads and soups here, with the soup menu changing daily.  If you are tight on cash but need a quick fix you can buy some miso soup for £1.50 at the counter and half a sandwich if you are still hungry.  All in all, you should be sated and with some change from a fiver.  It’s worth keeping an eye to their Twitter page as well: a couple of Friday’s ago they ran a promotion across their London stores offering customers free smoothies between the hours of 3 and 5pm.

* Number two on my list of delectable dinners comes courtesy of Chipotle – (Belfasties think Boojum) – where you can load up on carbs and cals with a speedy trip along the production line heading Mexico way.  Choose from veggies, pork, chicken and beef and pile your plate high with your choice of pinto or black beans, rice and all the usual burrito goodies wrapped up in an easy to eat – and carry – tortilla wrap.  Just don’t forget to take plenty of napkins.  This could get messy – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

***UPDATE*** Chipotle are giving away 14,000 FREE BURRITOS this week.  Click on #BurritoWatch to find out how you can claim yours.  ¡Ay, caramba!

* Claiming the top spot is Crussh.   Popular with health conscious diners in a rush they offer a wide range of tasty soups, smoothies, juices and salads.  You can tailor your juice to suit your needs – fat burner, skin soother with extra wheatgrass should you so desire.  My only gripe is their juices aren’t very cold.  That said, they still deserve their place at the top as they hold the secret to eternal youth.  Right after drinking a Crussh juice I got ID’d buying a nice bottle of wine in Tesco.  Now if that isn’t a ringing endorsement of Dorian Gray’s elixir of choice I just don’t know what is.

Bon appétit!xx

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