Just a trim please

If you’re anything like me, these are the words you find yourself practising in front of the bathroom mirror before each and every trip to the hairdresser.  Anyone who knows me knows that for the past 6+ years I have kept regular 6-8 week appointments with the same hairdresser because I’m more than a little precious when it comes to my bonce and  I don’t let any old Edward Scissorhands run wild.  I’ve even flown home so as not to break an appointment.  So you might be somewhat surprised to learn that in a bid to try something new and save a few quid in the process I booked an appointment to get my hair cut at a training academy.  Not just any old training academy but Vidal Sassoon‘s on Brook Street.

vidal sassoon academy

I arrived for my appointment a little early – and a little nervous – to be directed to the reception two doors down where I duly paid the £12 fee and collected my number.  I had tied my hair in a messy top knot – perhaps for the last time! – and was asked to take it down so they could assess where to send me.  Length and thickness inspected I was sent back from whence I came and shown upstairs to the blue classroom where tutor Davide showed me to my seat.

The place was packed with Vidal virgins (like me) and Sassoon superfans who gave me confidence given they’d returned for more.  My hairdresser was Adrian who had come to the academy all the way from Romania.  He was one half of the Pop brother sister duo and liked to cut hair while his sister prefered to focus on colour.

I’ve got to say I was there for quite a long time, finally finished around 4 hours after I first walked in – and that was without colour.  During that time I had my head tilted milimetres to the left, then right, my shoulders pulled back and my crap posture reprimanded as I kept moving my head without realising.  Davide inspected Adrian’s handiwork offering praise and guidance in equal measure.  For someone who is particular about their hair – (hey, who isn’t?) – I have to say I felt I was in very safe hands throughout and in the weeks since I’m ever more convinced that this is the best haircut I have ever had.  Even when I allow my hair to dry naturally and the waves I normally tame with my GHDs come out to play the shape of the cut allows them to move with ease without making me look like the wild woman from the West.

My friend Sophie got her hair cut in a different classroom at the Academy and also had a great experience.  When we eventually left we couldn’t help but swish our glossy manes in the breeze with an added spring in our steps.  For the princely sum of £12 each we got haircuts that would have cost upwards of £100 in similar salons along the stylish stretch of road (home to Claridge’s and Vera Wang no less).

An extra tip for style savvy thrifties: Make sure you pick up a loyalty card – pay for 3 hair cuts and get your 4th free.  I also managed to get a free haircut because I bought a couple of the products that were recommended to me – worth the extra spend for sure.  My hair’s in better condition than it’s ever been in I’m delighted I took the plunge!  A word of warning though – be prepared for a shorter cut than usual!  I initially wanted a trim and came out rather a lot lighter than anticipated but I love it.  You can take a look at the pics below and let me know if you think it’s too short (too late if you do mind you!)  Watch this space for a hairdresser named Adrian Pop – I predict great things!xx

image - Copy

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