READY, STEADY, BAKE: Norwegian Spiced Chocolate Cake

I first came across this recipe at the beginning of last year when I followed the heady scent of cinnamon buns to the Truman Brewery for Nordicana.  While there I picked up Norwegian – American Food Anthropologist Signe Johansen’s book, Scandilicious.  This was the first recipe from the book that I had tried and the video documents the first time I tried it.  It was a great success so I’m henceforth marking it as my fail safe go-to when there’s a celebration to be had!



IMG_5211The Scandinavians are famed for their use of spice in everyday cooking and baking.  Once baked this cake is best paired with coffee served however you like it best and, of course, friends and family.  There is great pleasure to be taken from making a meal or baking a cake for friends and family to come together and share, all the while creating special memories.  The creamy chocolate icing of the Tropisk aroma cake offers up a thick layer of decadence that stops short of smothering the subtleties of the coffee and nutmeg that permeate through each bite.

Not wishing to reinvent the wheel I had a quick scour of the web and saw this delicious recipe is online and you can view it here.  I baked this for my housemate’s birthday and it went down a treat after a Latin inspired brunch at a bustling restaurant called El Vergel which I highly recommend.  Our tastebuds had a very cultured start to the day!

Happy Baking!xx







3 thoughts on “READY, STEADY, BAKE: Norwegian Spiced Chocolate Cake

  1. Signe Johansen says:

    How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this, am thrilled to read that you and your friends enjoyed the “Tropisk Aroma” cake, it’s my dad’s favourite and he always requests it for his birthday 🙂 happy Scandi baking and cooking! All the best, Signe


    • Laura says:

      Hi Signe, thanks so much! It’s my birthday on Saturday and I will be baking from your book again to celebrate! Anything you think I should try?x


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