Easy bake: Almond, Blackberry and Cardamom Cake (Gluten Free)

IMG_6068Hi Hi!

Is anyone still reading this old blog of mine?!  Once again work and life have forced my wee corner of the internet to take a back seat and once again I can only apologise!  Does anyone else ever feel like face-planing the bed when they get home from work?

Between work and sleep I managed to stay awake just long enough to shoe horn in a few wee trips here and there setting sail in Scotland and taking a wee jaunt to Iceland – more on those later!  I’ve accumulated lots of wee bits to share with you so you can hopefully hear a lot more noise coming from Tales of Adventure in the coming weeks.

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How to: Fail-safe boozy brownies

By the time you read this post I will be on my merry way north of the border to bonny Scotland in search of a long weekend on the high seas.  Well, high-ish seas: I’m off on a wee sailing trip with some pals and what better way to mark our maiden voyage than with some boozy treats you can eat and drink.

Enter Valhalla Brownies.  Shock horror, another recipe from my favourite Scandilicious baking book.  I’ve made these tempting treats a few times now – for Fridays in the office; for my birthday and, well, just for the sake of having something nice with a cup of tea and every time they have been delicious to eat and fuss free to make.


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READY, STEADY, BAKE: Norwegian Spiced Chocolate Cake

I first came across this recipe at the beginning of last year when I followed the heady scent of cinnamon buns to the Truman Brewery for Nordicana.  While there I picked up Norwegian – American Food Anthropologist Signe Johansen’s book, Scandilicious.  This was the first recipe from the book that I had tried and the video documents the first time I tried it.  It was a great success so I’m henceforth marking it as my fail safe go-to when there’s a celebration to be had!

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