My Day in Pictures: Sensational Butterflies

There’s nothing better than getting out into nature but the temperamental British weather can sometimes put a bit of a dampener on the very best laid plans.  Even as I write this post the clouds are darkening overhead as they toy with the idea of rain on what’s an otherwise gloriously sunny day.

My housemate and I recently took a trip to see the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum.  Having never visited the museum before I wasn’t sure what to expect but the species on display did not disappoint.  The exhibition is held in a tent that can feel very small as crowds of visitors arrive so if you’re planning a trip you’re probably best to go on a weekday or early in the morning.

I brought my Canon 650D along with me for the day and there was no shortage of opportunities to photograph the moths and butterflies as they flew overhead, stopping every now again to refresh themselves with juicy oranges laid out on a table at the far end.

It cost us £5.90 each to enter the exhibition though you can get cheaper entry if you have an Artfund card.  There’s a special offer on them at the moment of 25% off in your first year if you sign up by Direct Debit so if you’re a bit of a culture vulture it’s worth looking into.  In terms of pricing, this exhibition is definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum in relation to other events in London.  However, as the tent is relatively small so you could easily be in and out in 20 minutes.  It’s also very hot because many species of butterfly have been imported from far balmier countries than the UK so dress accordingly and leave heavy bags in the museum storage area.

The exhibition is definitely more geared towards families and I did find it disappointing to see virtually no information as to the species of butterflies flying about.  That said, I had a great time playing about with my camera and as nature photography is something I’d definitely like to explore further I was really happy to spend time there.

Here are some pictures from our trip.  I hope you like them!  Can you recommend any good places to photograph wildlife where you live?  I’d love to see your pics.  Feel free to link back to them in the comments below.  The Sensational Butterflies exhibition runs until 13th September.  Click here for more information.

See you next time!xx

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