Lee Miller: A Woman’s War


I wouldn’t be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Lee Miller before today.  I hadn’t heard of her until I saw a picture she had taken on the London Underground.  It was of a wartime pilot, looking out from the narrow cockpit of her plane.  The picture was an advert for an exhibition of Miller’s work at the Imperial War Museum.

I’d invested in an Artfund Pass last Summer and, for shame, have gotten little to no use from it thus far.  I want to see lots more exhibitions this year so on New Year’s Day I embraced this resolution with great gusto and began booking tickets at museums.  And a visit to see Miller’s work was one of them.

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A Blogmás Confession and Giveaway Winner Revealed…

…ok, confession time:  you may have noticed everything go eerily quiet smack bang in the middle of Blogmás.  After a strong start things began to come apart with 2 posts 1 day, no posts for 2 days, a post here and there and then…silence.

The truth is I was exhausted.  After a day at work, creating and editing content into the wee hours of the morning to try and keep my daily deadlines was taking its toll and causing me quite a lot of stress.  It was neither enjoyable nor conducive to being creative:  I don’t want to create crappy content just to be able to publish something – anything – on a daily basis.  Life is busy enough and I hate wasting precious time reading rubbish on the internet so I will do my best not to subject you to the same.

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A memory of Christmas past

Every year around this time I’m reminded of a little film I made before I moved to London about two families’ experiences of Christmas. From a technical point of view it’s pretty wick with one particular toe-curling scene shot entirely out of focus – the joys of filming and interviewing as a one woman band. Nonetheless the stories shone through and I felt quite privileged both families shared their stories with me.

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My Week in Pictures

I must admit, I’ve definitely had better weeks.  When I started this project seven days ago I was full of optimism about the pretty pictures I would post.

On my Instagram I’ve been posting updates about the last remaining sunflower, (our first succumbed to death by hula hoop,) as it prepared to unfurl its petals towards the sky and on Monday morning it finally revealed itself in all its glory:


But I’m jumping ahead.

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